Trademark Registration

Armistead Law prepares and files trademark registrations for cost-conscious brand owners. Registering a trademark is much more than just filling out an online form: a well-crafted registration is an essential tool for the protection and enforcement of brand value.

Trademark Infringement

Armistead Law provides advocacy for businesses seeking to enforce trademark rights and those facing trademark infringement allegations. In addition to cease and desist letters, we use a variety of tools to resolve infringement disputes. Find out more about our brand advocacy.

Internet Law & Copyrights

Armistead Law advises clients on website liability, terms of use and privacy policies. We also provide counseling and representation for owners of creative content. This includes copyright registrations, contracts, Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns and infringement issues.

About Armistead Law

Attorney Jeff Armistead has experience and a passion for finding the best legal and practical solutions to further his clients' success. Find out more about Jeff.


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Protecting Brands & Creativity

Brand identity and creative content are among a company’s most important assets. You need a great
lawyer to protect them. Armistead Law helps individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses protect their trademarks, copyrights and Internet presence. Our mission is simple: to deliver cost-effective, high quality legal services to help clients thrive.

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Known in the Marts

Visit our legal blog that discusses recent Oregon and California trademark filings, current events concerning trademark law and other intellectual property developments.