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Trademarks. Copyrights. Internet Law.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration strengthens a trademark owner's ability to protect and enforce its brand rights. At Armistead Law, hiring a lawyer to maximize this deceptively simple process doesn't have to be expensive. More information about our services can be found here. Registration legal fees begin at $550.

Office Action Responses

If you've filed a trademark on your own or attempted to obtain trademark registration using a non-attorney filing service, Armistead Law assists applicants with responding to Trademark Office refusals. Flat and capped fees are available.

Trademark Infringement

Cease and desist letters, takedowns, negotiations, court actions and TTAB proceedings are measures available to brand owners to distinguish and defend trademarks. Armistead Law considers a client's broader business objectives and budget when counseling clients about trademark disputes. Learn more here.

TTAB Proceedings

Proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) include appeals of registration refusals, opposition proceedings and cancellation petitions. Armistead Law provides representation for TTAB matters for existing clients as well as brand owners who have filed applications on their own or with a filing service.

"I always start by carefully listening. Next we develop a cost-effective, strategic plan to best protect your brand identity. Then I work diligently to follow through, keeping you informed every step of the way."

Jeffrey Armistead, Attorney

Assignments & Licenses

Assignments and licenses not done correctly can lead to the loss of trademark rights. It's imperative that brand owners consult an attorney when considering selling or granting permission to others use of a trademark. Armistead Law drafts clear and concise agreements at a reasonable cost.


Armistead Law assists clients with copyright registrations and guidance on the use and protectability of creative content. If you've been economically harmed by someone else's infringement or received notice that you've infringed someone's copyright, contact us to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

Armistead Law drafts Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and counsels website owners about internet liability issues. Internet law is constantly evolving: Armistead Law can help website owners navigate the many different legal areas that affect their internet presence.