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Trademark Registration

Armistead Law works hard to craft a trademark registration that will protect the long-term future of a company's brand identity. We believe that providing cost-effective and exceptional client service during the registration process is the first step to establishing an effective collaboration to safeguard a client’s trademarks.

Basic Trademark Search & Registration Package: $550 Flat Fee + $325 PTO Filing Fee

"If you're looking to use an attorney to register your mark, you take the long-term future of your venture or business seriously. That's why our registration services are more than form filling or regurgitating information you give us. Each component of the registration application is carefully considered to provide strong and broad protection for your brand identity."

Jeffrey Armistead, Attorney

What’s included:

  • An initial consultation with trademark attorney Jeffrey Armistead to answer general questions about trademark law and specific questions about your trademark.
  • An availability search of registered marks in the United States Patent & Trademark Office database plus an analysis and discussion of the registerability of the trademark.
  • A telephone conversation or email correspondence with Jeff discussing availability and registerability results.
  • Additional time spent discussing or corresponding about your trademark to craft the best possible protection and increase chances of registration.
  • The drafting and filing of the federal trademark registration application.
  • Responses to technical, non-substantive Office Actions by the Trademark Office.
  • Shepherding your trademark application through the registration process.
  • Mailing your trademark registration certificate when received by the Trademark Office.

What’ll cost more:

  • Logo trademarks have an additional search cost of $125. Nontraditional trademarks (e.g., color marks, trade dress, sound marks) have additional legal fees.
  • Responses to substantive Office Actions, such as likelihood of confusion and merely descriptive refusals (available at hourly rate or agreed upon flat fee).
  • A comprehensive trademark search that includes databases of state registrations and common law marks, as well as Internet searches for some goods or services (available for a flat fee of $400 or hourly rate depending on type of search).
  • Additional Trademark Office availability searches if your first choice is unavailable, which are offered at a reduced flat fee of $150.
  • Filing statement of use for Intent-to-Use applications (the Trademark Office filing fee is $100 and the attorney flat fee for the filing is $100).
  • Additional international classifications.
  • Additional fees may apply for filing registration applications based on foreign registrations.

The process:

  • Call Jeff at 971.322.5714, email your inquiry to [email protected] or fill out the contact form. Jeff will respond by phone call or email, whatever your preference.
  • Jeff conducts a conflict check to make sure that he doesn’t currently represent a client whose interests are adverse to yours.
  • Jeff emails you an engagement letter which can be mailed, emailed or faxed back to him. You then pay a flat legal fee of $550 by mailing a check or paying by PayPal.
  • Either by online form and/or by phone or email, you complete the information necessary to craft a registration application.
  • Jeff drafts and files the trademark application. The application will be sent to you to sign and you will pay the $325 Trademark Office application fee.